Duti Mon Aaj Nei Dujonar

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Duti Mon Aaj Nei Dujonar
album: Unknown
artist: Chitra Singh

Duti mon aar nei dujonaar
Raat bole aami saathi ho
Faguner rate aami rupkotha hoye aami robo je
Full bole ronge

Paakhi bole aar gaan geonaa
Amaader meetalir mayate
Kaane kaane koto kotah koboje |||

Shukhtara bole aami acheto
Dishahara hote aar voy ki
Aachi ghum jhore pore duchokhe
Haasi mukhe tai jege robo je||


Copyright ©2008-09


Ibrahim said...

thanks for posting the lyrics to this song.. this is one of my favorite songs of Chitra.. i was looking for this lyrics for a while.. thanks again. keep up the good work.

Shawon said...

Thanks for this comments……. this is also my favorite song…..

Good Day…..

Verna Gingo said...

Hello!!!I stumbled upon this song on youtube and I liked it....I just don't understand it.I just love the video...Can you give me an English translation of this song? I would appreciate it very much...

Verna Gingo said...

I don't speak Bengali or Hindi....

DP DIPTO said...

Nice Song... THis Is My Favourite Song.

হুসাইন আহমেদ সৌরভ said...

Awesome 🙆

Israt Jahan said...

do you know the name of the lyrist of this song?

Hasan Shahid Ferdous said...

Heart touching lyric tune and vocal.
..............Evergreen song.

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