Radio Amar Hitlist (05 September, 2009)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

-(You can download these songs for free. To download these songs take the mouse on the desire song and then press "Saved linked content as" if these is any problem then write an comment about them, Thank you..... Shawon) -

1. Arnob & Friends-Lalpahari (Arnob & Friends Live)'
2. Bappa Majumder-Keu Bole Tui(Shurjosnane Chol)'
3. Habib & Nancy-Godhuly Logon (Bolchi Tomake)'Re-Entry; '
4. Hridoy Khan-Can You Hear My Scream (Bolna)‘.New-Entry.’
5. Habib & Nancy-Didha ('Third Person Singular Number' OST)'
6. Arnob & Friends-Nao Chariya De (Arnob & Friends Live)'
7. Joy-Shotti Bolchhi (Shotti Bolchhi) 'Re-Entry;
8. Bappa Majumder-Megh Balika (Shurjosnane Chol)'
9. Islam Manik-Sorol Meye (Mehgla Meye)'-
10. Shironamhin-Bhalobasha Megh (Bondho Janala)'


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